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EcoCalc (2024)

Calculate your potential earnings from recyclable waste!

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EcoTrek (2023)

Answer a few questions to estimate your carbon footprint and learn how to reduce it in the long run!

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Pegiatan (2023)

Turn your tasks into quests in Pegiatan! Once you’ve done your tasks, your level will automatically increase.

Unfortunately, this project isn’t as polished as how I planned it to be due to the short amount of time for the school project. Until then, when I have the time, I will definitely make it better.

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Geora (2023)

Geora is an interactive 3D map of the world using OpenStreetMap data. Search various places and see how it looks like!

Missing something on the map? Contribute to OpenStreetMap!

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Apkes (2022)

Apkes is a simple health app that gives you tips on living a healthy life, along with inspirational quotes to live it up!

You can also write about how your day went, and it will be stored locally until you delete it.

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The MediaPlay Website


This one is for a community that I’ve been in for years – MediaPlay!

Just like this website, it has been a long way since… this:

The before and after versions of the website.

In fact, it uses most of the code that I’ve used in building my website. Nowadays, it’s a place to see how far I can use Hugo to make customized websites for many purposes.

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LinerlyBot (Discord & Matrix)


These are my attempts at making a bot on both Discord and Matrix.

Initially, it was only available on Discord. As I moved away from using Discord though, I also ported the bot to make it work on Matrix.

It does have a few fun commands and a shop functionality, but that’s about it. Over the years, things have changed and so does the libraries and the APIs – eventually, the Discord bot breaks.

On the other hand, the Matrix bot isn’t functioning anymore. I just don’t have time to maintain the bots (both the Discord and the Matrix one)!

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My website, obviously. I made this website to learn web development, that’s why the projects in here are web apps! It wasn’t long before I migrated it to Codeberg. Before then, it was on GitHub.

It started as multiple HTML pages, but I had to edit all of them manually if I want to update, say, the navigation bar. Sometimes even re-writing them.

Up until August 2022, I finally took the opportunity to convert it into a Hugo site which you are looking at it right now! This allows me to not just have a new blog (with the pre-existing contents of the old blog) that’s consistent with the website’s theme, but also being able to make pages in Markdown rather than HTML (though it can be limited sometimes).