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Playing games on Linux

reading time around 2 minutes · published on 2021-03-28 · 263 words

It’s probably been a while since I’ve moved from using Windows 10 to Arch Linux now, so far Arch Linux already provides the things I need.

One thing that baffles me for quite a while is gaming on Linux. This isn’t really a big issue at all for me because I rarely play Windows games, I usually play native Linux games and some browser games instead.

If I wanted to play a Windows game like Roblox it will not work using Wine. There are several tools out there for playing Roblox on Linux like Grapejuice or Roblox Linux Wrapper, however I couldn’t get one of them to work. Let’s just see if Roblox will make a Linux build in the future, but for now I could play Roblox on my phone.

When you can’t play a Windows game in Linux using Wine, your options would be to boot into Windows and play it there or to play it in a Windows virtual machine as a last resort.

I’ve also heard of other compatibility layers such as Anbox and Darling as well, however I haven’t tried Darling in Arch Linux (I’m lazy to build it, takes a large amount of space, takes time to build it, and I don’t really know anything about macOS since I don’t use macOS). Anbox works fine when I used Ubuntu, and I was curious if Android games will run using Anbox, so I did, however I couldn’t get them to work.

I’ll probably make another article about this again in the future once gaming on Linux becomes better…