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Good news, Roblox now works on Linux!

reading time around 2 minutes · published on 2021-06-08 · 220 words

2023 UPDATE: Roblox has implemented Byfron’s anti-cheat system (which is Hyperion) and the client is now 64-bit instead of 32-bit.

Although they have blocked Roblox from running on Linux using Wine for a while, they’ve kept the promise to make it work again (unofficially)! At the time of editing this post, you will need to wait until it’s officially announced. You can try setting the channel to zintegration if you’re impatient, though this might cause some problems.

P.S. You’ll need to log in to the Roblox DevForum.

Finally, thanks to Wine 6.11, Roblox now works on Linux! No need to use a virtual machine, although there are some bugs that can affect your gameplay. If you’re using Wine 7.10 or later to play Roblox, it should be running flawlessly — no need to compile Wine with the right-click bug patch.

I’ve been playing Roblox on Manjaro (and Arch Linux) for a while, and it is pretty much just the same experience as playing it on Windows. Roblox Studio should work as well, though I couldn’t log in to Roblox Studio — Grapejuice has a way to log in to Roblox Studio from the Grapejuice application.

To make setting up Roblox on Linux easy, I used Grapejuice — and you can find the instructions here to set up Roblox using Grapejuice.